Stefan Lipan (Participant)

profile picture - Stefan Lipan

Ştefan is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the National School of Political Science and Public Administration Bucharest. He holds a BA in Political Science and European Relations, and a MA in Anthropology from the same university. He spent one year of the MA programme as an Erasmus postgraduate student at the University of Liège in Belgium.
His MA research focused on Romanian Roma migrants living in Liège and explored the mundane crisscrossing of ethnic and religious frontiers. He shows how Romanian Roma negotiate and articulate their position in-between moral worlds: the ‘repentance’ (the term they used to describe the Pentecostal religion) and its moral imperatives; the secular world and its ‘earthly’ socio-economic pressures; their ethnic heritage; and their own understanding of moral discourses and
practices. His research interests include migration/mobility, ethnicity, religion, political anthropology, moral anthropology and anthropology of childhood.
PhD project summary:

In his PhD work, Ştefan aims to offer a better understanding of the morality of caring, as it is constructed among and about children in the state foster care system in Bucharest. The following questions guide this research: what moral meanings, expressed through language and actions, structure the way the state and its representatives care for the abandoned children?; what moral meaning is given by the children themselves to the foster care they receive?
At this late-summer school, he will be discussing the mobile work-life arrangements of a Roma family living in Denmark. His own experience of living and working with them and being himself an irregular migrant in the cleaning sector has prompted questions such as: what it takes to be a ‘successful migrant’?; what notions of ‘cleanness’ are structured the work ethics?; how do work and non-work realms of life intersect within this mobile context?

1 (1)
Encounter on the way home from work (Denmark)
A conference room in one of the work places (Denmark)

Some songs:
– one of the most listened song on the way to/from work in Denmark:

Florin Salam – Cuba, cuba

– on the way to n’importe où :

Zaz – On Ira


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